Ambalaza Journal - Vol 4, December 2015.


Save Food initiative implemented by IatT



From World Packaging Organization

The winners of WorldStar Awards 2016 are....

Packaging In Croatia

Save Food initiative on FEST.A CROPAK 2016

Enhanced CROPAK 2016: novelties in the competition

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Info Croatia

Packaging in Croatia

... and the winner is “Spice your life” dress (M. Buzolić, A. Šafranko Salihćehajić)

Packaging in region

Packaging materials

Sleeve technology in flexo

Big steps for flexible packaging

Machines, devices, equipment

FFG 618 Quatro

Packaging and marketing

Packaging and ethics


Fantasize, create, produce!


Packaging for food industry

Nanomaterials and active polymeric packaging for food packaging

Croatian waste market

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