Web Advertising


banner displayed always (to every visitor) on a certain group of pages

banner rotating with two more (three banners on the same position) every time the page is loaded.

Position Title    Dimensions (px) Price/month (€)  Position
Fixed Rotating*
1. Standard 230 x 55 345 105 Right column
2. Large 230 x 110 550 205 Right column top
3. Exclusive 540 x 100 685 - Page top

*up to three banners rotate on the same position

Three months – 5 %
Six months – 10 %
One year – 15 %



Publication of a short text (up to 100 characters) and a link in the INFOBLIC section. The placement is in the left column, under the main menu, and it can hold up to three advertisements.

Duration  7 days  14 days  21 days 30 days*
 Price (€)  85  165  235  410

*by choosing a 30-days option, your advertisement automatically gets published in a monthly newsletter

3. "Who is Who in Packaging and Graphic Arts Industry" DIRECTORY

"Who is Who in Packaging and Graphic Arts Industry" is an industrial directory designed to consolidate business data and provide quality up-to-date information on regional providers and buyers of packaging and printing services as well as suppliers of machinery, devices and equipment for packaging and graphic arts industry.

Available options:

  • basic account (business name, address, tax number, telephone, fax, e-mail, owner/director/contact) – gratis by the end of 2009
  • plus account (business information and contact, detailed description of services, logo, search priority) – 110 € per year.

4. MARKET (supply/demand)

The portal www.ambalaza.hr, dedicated to the graphic arts and packaging industry, is a meeting place for all interest groups and businesses in Croatia and the region. By publishing supply and demand offers for jobs or employees in packaging or graphic arts industry, supply and demand for machinery, devices and equipment and packaging and technological waste market, the portal opens a path to new ideas about the possibilities of technology usage, business expansion and new partnerships. For using the web market in 2009, all you need to do is to register on the portal. The registration is free. Available 24/7, this value added service facilitates the search for elements needed to grow and expand business and communicates with target audience.

  • Waste Market
  • Job Market
  • Machinery, Devices and Equipment Market
  • Services Market


Web exhibition is a virtual gallery for displaying machines, devices and equipment providing an opportunity to show your current capacities, flagships and strengths which differentiate you from the competition. It is designed as an equivalent to a "real" exhibition where visitors can discover technological abilities of the exhibitors as well as the novelties on the market.


Since 2009 the Institute has been publishing a newsletter as a modern and efficient way of information transfer designed to complement "Ambalaža" and "REGprint" trade journals.

 1. Top banner, dimensions 400 x 90 px  550 €

 2. News (up to 1000 characters + link) and a picture (logo, banner or illustration) dimensions up to 140 x 40 px

 160 €

Note: all prices are without VAT.