5th jubilee edition of an exhibition "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape"

After Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Ljubljana (Slovenia), the 5th jubilee edition of educational project "Packaging – product – consumer – environment protection", with an exhibition of dresses made of
packaging materials "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape" as a central part, is coming back to Zagreb.

Dresses made of packaging materials of well-known brands on the Croatian market will be exhibited from 14th until 28th November on the "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape" street in Avenue Mall, a frequent shopping destination in Zagreb.

The aim of the project is to highlight the importance of packaging as an inseparable part of the product, to promote a product, also to inform and educate consumers about the packaging and its functions, with great emphasis on the proper waste management and environmental protection.

Dresses that will attract the attention of visitors of Avenue Mall will be made of packaging materials and packaging of store owned brands from the following companies: Anamarija Company Ltd., Bambi AD, Droga Kolinska d.d., Labud d.d., Meggle Hrvatska d.o.o., Meteor d.d., Paška sirana d.d., Šafram d.o.o. and Zvijezda d.d.
Also in that group are the with the characteristics of the project partner Avenue Mall BBI and media partner Totalni FM.

Dresses will be the result of the artistic vision of renowned Croatian fashion designers. For all of them stepping into the area of packaging materials is a major challenge. They are:  Zoran Aragović (Byte My Style), Marta Buzolić, Martina Herak, Matea Jukić (Croatica), Iva Karačić, Mirjana Klepić (Jamoi), Ana Kujundžić, Marina Lacković (Larie), Ivona Martinko, Daliborka Puž/ Kristina Kovačić and Andrijana Subotić Pjajčik (Etna Maar).

During the exhibition, there will be educational radio quizzes organized for all Avenue Mall visitors and listeners of Totalni FM, media partner. Listeners/visitors need to find an eco-educational note, which will be located in the description of every dress, and report to the program to win valuable prizes.
All visitors will also have the opportunity to vote for the most beautiful dress.
The fifth exhibition "Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape" is organized by Tectus Ltd., Institute of Packaging and Graphic arts Tectus - IatT and "Packaging/REGprint" trade journal.
Published on: 10/20/2015, 3:08 PM