Ambalaza Journal - Vol 2, June 2009.


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Packaging is the Answer to World Hunger

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Only Optimal Solutions Yield Results (B. Ljubičić)

Proud Winners of CROPAK (M. Koraca)

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Packaging in Croatia

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Traceability of Food Products of Croatian Enterprises as an Element of Participation...

Packaging Materials

Traceability System as an Essential Element of Migration ...

Health Safety of Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Food...

Marking, Coding and Labeling on Packaging

Traceability – Expense or Investment

Standards for Packaging Industry and Food Chain Traceability – Certification...

RFID Technologies – Goods Management System

Kodak Traceless System – Anticounterfeiting System

Machines, Devices, Equipment

Trends and Growing Use of Digital Printing in Packaging Industry


Design and Redisign of Packaging in His Majesty’s Service – the Brand

Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions

List of Fairs and Exhibitions in Packaging Industry

The Day Rock and Roll Died


Symbols: Manual of Symbols on Products and Packaging


Croatian Waste Market