Ambalaza Journal - Vol 3, September 2014.



Tihomir Premužak, CEO Vetropack Straže tvornice stakla d.d., Hum na Sutli, Croatia

If we want to stay in the game, continuous investments are necessary

From WPO

Silent salesman with important functions


Minister of Environmental Protection Mihael Zmajlović

After decade of stagnation, results finally!

Simple, easy and available to everyone!

Sustainable plastic packaging

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia

Packaging in Croatia

Remembering not just on the product, but also on the lifestyle

Tomislav Gorišek, Kliše-kop, Croatia

Even better, more organized, more accessible

High quality five layer film

Packaging in the region

Dresses visiting Ljubljana

Packaging and environment

Stop to prejudices!

Packaging materials

Nanotechnology – packaging future?

Benefits and features of In Mould labels

Monitoring and risk assessment of the food contact materials

Printing on packaging

Appliance of graphics standards in the packaging industry

Machines, devices, equipment

Picture dictionary

Croatian waste market