Ambalaza Journal - Vol 2, June 2014.



CROPAK 2014 awarded to the best

And the CROPAK winners are...


We believe in success on global market! (M. Marković)

Packaging in the region

Dress made of Quickie croissant packaging won

Cause we’re different (E. Filipović, L. Ramić)

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia

World packaging organization

Education is still the dominant topic

World experience

Better quality of life through better packaging for more people

Packaging in Croatia


Consumer, emotion, trend

Packaging materials

The novelties in materials and objects that come into direct contact with food

Machines, devices, equipment

Packaging and environment

Are the plastics bags biggest scourge of the planet Earth?

Proactive approach gives excellent results

Transparency is the key for effective system

Conferences, fairs, exhibitions

Optimism and contentment of participants at Interpack

Croatian waste market

Picture dictionary

List of fairs and exhibitions in packaging industry