Ambalaza Journal - Vol 2, June 2011.



Keith Pearson, predsjednik WPO-a, sa sudionicima natječaja WorldStar Student na izložbi pristiglih radova u Pekingu

Synergy Based on Diversity

World Experience

WorldStar 2010 Awards

Packaging in Croatia

Lino Mix&Play – Daily Dose of Cereal Fun Mix


CROPAK 2011 Winners

New Year’s Eve Party With a Great Champagne from the Best Packaging in Croatia (Saša Zec)

REGPAK’s Bright Future Confirmed

Herbal Essences In Creative Student Hands

The Magic of Glass

FEST.A CROPAK in Pictures and Words

Buttoned Up by Duct Tape

Info World

Info Region

Info Croatia

Packaging Materials

Endocrine Disruptors in Packaging Materials

Machines, Devices, Equipment’s Regional Premiere of Kodak Flexcel NX CtP system

Printing on Packaging

Application of INFRAREDESIGN® on Flexible Plastic Packaging

Croatian Waste Market

Picture Dictionary

Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions

One of the Most Successful interpack Fairs Ever

From the Fair Halls

List of Fairs and Exhibitions in Packaging Industry