Ambalaza Journal - Vol 2, June 2010.



CROPAK Winners

Winning Combination of Tradition and Simplicity (K. Gašparini)

REGPAK Winners

FEST.A CROPAK in Pictures and Words

World Experience

Increasing Sales and Cutting Costs

Info World

Info Croatia

Info Region

Packaging in Croatia

Packaging Materials

Migrations Testing

Printing on Packaging

Cardboard Packaging Trends in Offset Printing

Gallop: Xerox Digital Packaging Solution Powered by Stora Enso

Marking, Coding and Labelling on Packaging

Protection from Drug Counterfeiting

Packaging and the Environment

Renewables vs Biodegradability

Conferences, Trade Fairs, Expositions

33. Slovenian Packaging Awards OSKAR Nominees Announced

Satisfied Exhibitors and Excellent International Attendance

Picture Dictionary

Croatian Waste Market

List of Fairs and Exhibitions in Packaging Industry