Current Issue - broj 4, prosinac 2017.


Covers with many possibilities



Outsourcing will play a greater part in the future (S. Bobb)

British Association for Print and Communication was originally formed in 1978 to help gain acceptance of the on-demand end of the Print market. The BAPC has grown into a major representational body to the print and creative industry. It is a body that can speak on behalf of everyone in the business and offer every business the benefit of help and assistance across the spectrum of business advice and services. bObb has primary responsibility for strategic planning and development, external relat

World experiences

Lack of education in print industry

Customers collect information before buying products employees’ happiness and its consequences


Blockchain in print world

Why investing in solutions that are constantly developing?

Consumers trust print, companies choose digital

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia



New applications of hybrid printing digital print is changing book world

3D print has incredible market potential

Digital print is becoming part of everyday life

Wild formats digital printing technologies

Machines, devices, equipment

If the substrate won’t come to printer, then printer will come to substrate

Software for label printing industry

Innovations that inspire the industry

Print and marketing

Seven useful tips for sucessful online print store can you tell a story about your company?

Printing and environment

Five pillars of sustainable business in print industry


Who is who in graphic arts industry?

List of fairs and exhibitions