REGprint Journal - Vol 2, June 2009.


Are We Learning From Others’ Experiences?



Print Will Survive – But Print Will Change (M. Werfel)

World Experience

How to Survive Recession?

Growing Print Industry

World News

Regional News

News from Croatia

From Croatian Graphic Arts Industry

Packaging Days in Opatija

CROPAK 2009 Creative Workshop


UV Varnishing and/or Plastification (part 2)

Machines, Devices, Equipment

Specialisation as a Competitive Advantage

ORIS InkSaver in Action

KBA Coating Sample Book

Digital Printing for Reliability and Quality (D. Čigir)

Digital Printing – Conceptual Approach


Optimistic Print Innovations

Grand Format Printing

Cheap and Reliable Alternative

Priting and the Environment

Eco Printing Strategy

Living and Working Together for the Common Good (G. Schneider)


Studio Photography

Practice of Judical Expert

ICC in Newspapers

Wrong Motives or Reality

We Invested Great Efforts in Organization (K. L. Kovačić)

What Is Next? - Intergrafika Inside Report

Faculty of Graphic Arts at Intergrafika

Hewlett-Packard Premiere

Who is Who in Graphic Arts Industry

List of Fairs and Exhibitions