REGprint Journal - Vol 3, September 2013.



Bright future of printing industry (P. Martell, T. Crawford)

During the last four years the world’s economy has faced massive challenges and financial shocks. There are businesses that are emerging from this period stronger than they went into it which is credit to them and provides confidence and hope for the future for all businesses prepared to change.

World experience

Characteristics of graphic and publishing industries in Europe

Optimistic forecasts for variable data printing

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia


Advantages and pitfalls of EU funds

From Croatian graphic arts industry

Graphics materials

Advanced and simple solutions


Large format printing

Machines, devices, equipment

New era of digital technology


Adding value with finishing

Expert witness

Golden ratio

Printing and environment

ISO 16759 – printing industry needs green concept

From regional graphic arts industry


Conferences, fairs, exhibitions

New dimension of print


Who is who in graphic artsi ndustry

List of fairs and exhibitions