REGprint Journal - Vol 1, March 2013.



Igor Majstorović, Sales Director at KSU Company, Zagreb

It’s Worth Getting to Know Us

Info World

Info Region

Info Croatia

From Croatian Graphic Arts Industry

d PRINT 2013... A Pleasant Time Too


How to Create and Lead the Winning Team

From Croatian Graphic Arts Industry

Stopping the Investment Is the Largest Brake for Profit (K. Culjak)

Machines, Devices, Equipment

HP Indigo and PPS Have Solutions for You

World Experience

Echoesof Drupa Are Still Loud

Printing and Environment

The Carbon Footprint of the Ink Industry

Graphic Materials

High Fashion of the Professional Print Paper

Graphic Design

Pantone Colour of the Year

Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions

Old Exhibitors Are Returning, Attractive New Brands Appear

It’s Worth Being Green


Who is Who in Graphic Arts

List of Fairs and Exhibitions