REGprint Journal - Vol 4, December 2014.


FOGRA’s standard at 5th jubilee d PRINT



Peter Buttiens, General Manager, European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association (ESMA), Belgium

The flexibility is the key for print industry!

Peter Buttiens has a MASTER’S DEGREE IN Industrial engineering & Computer Technology and also an International Executive MBA from BELGIUM Vlerick Business School. He has more than 23 years’ experience in the digital printing world having held different international sales and marketing positions for companies including Summagraphics, CADlink, Mutoh and Ergosoft. Since March 2007 he has been ESMA’s CEO. For the last three years he has coordinated the FP7 EU funded project CLIP and developed a wh


Big data - new competitive advantage in the printing industry

World experience


The opposites

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia


How did we manage


Is there still room in wide format printing market

Graphic materials

Reduction of isopropyl alcohol in printing process

Printing and environment

The motto “less is more” is more relevant in printing industry than ever

Standardisation in graphic arts industry

New standard for colour management

Conferences, fairs, exhibitions

New generation of devices

Who is who in graphic arts industry


List of fairs and exhibitions