REGprint Journal - Vol 3, September 2017.


Trends have never been so exciting




Rob Fisher and James Matthews-Paul working together on IPEX 17

R. Fisher: Trends in print industry have never been so exciting

IPEX is one of the world’s longest established exhibitions for the print industry with a heritage that dates back to the 1800’s.It is the UK’s largest and most prestigious print solutions event and is expected to attract thousands of visitors from the UK and around the world. This year’s edition will take place 31 Oct - 3 November 2017, at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, and will focus on PRINT IN ACTION.


3D print industry is becoming more professional

Will STL files follow the path of mp3 files?

Good idea is all it takes

Info world

Info region

Info Croatia

World experience

Envelope market is not doomed to fail – on the contrary!

More and more print companies are turning to marketing

Consumer want magazine customized for himself

Machines, devices, equipment

Green light for automatisation, but only if it is constantly updated

What makes modern workflow?


Digital print is the way of thinking

It is time for digital revolution

For Lady Gaga dresses are digital printed

Printing and environment

Greener, more comfortable world in 3D!

Conferences, fairs, exhibitions

Solutions for new technologies and industry 4.0


Who is who in graphic arts industry?

List of fairs and exhibitions